Monday, October 11, 2010

M. Night has nothing on me

I'm a regular reader of Cracked, a webite devoted to all things strange and silly in the world, including history, pop-culture, nature, and science. It covers everything, but I can't recommend it for young children (they use naughty words and talk about grown-up things) or those without any free time (this site is as addictive as...I'm drawing a blank but I'm certain an analogy will come).

Today's article was about insane coincidences that will blow your mind, and yes, my mind was blown. I think there are still little pieces sitting around the room and I just know my wife is going to yell at me for not picking them all up. She just hates it when she steps on week-old brain in bare feet.

So why am I so enthralled with this article? Because it reminds me of an interesting coincidence that happened to me. When I was in graduate school, part of my financial aid package included being a TA and teaching a class. One of the students in my very first class was an old childhood friend that I hadn't seen in 12 years. We both moved away the same year. Now, the guy whose house I'd spent the night in was a student in my class. How's that for coincidence?

It's not the only coincidence I've had, but it's the most memorable.

For those of you reading and visiting, feel free to share yours. Especially if you also have a blog and just happened to make a post about how one of your childhood friends wound up being your TA in college.

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